Recruitment policy

Recruit employees on a selective basis following the principle of open, fair and just competition and the principle of giving full scope to the talents and appointing people by ability; during recruitment, deed of discrimination (including sex, race and nationality) and against laws and regulations of the state (e.g. child labor) is prohibited; it is to strictly follow the prescribed recruitment procedures for the post to ensure quality of the employees.

Human recourse training policy:

Human Resource Department prepares annual training plan of the company based on the overall development scheme. The company withdraws training fees at a certain proportion based on total amount of employee’s salary every year and uses for implementing the human resource training plan.

Salary and welfare policy:

1. Following regulations of the state, the company withholds and remits social insurance and individual income taxes; following the related policies of Shenzhen City and performance evaluation and promotion system of the company, the company makes regulations on salary;

2. Sign the formal employment contact with employees following laws and regulations of the state and Shenzhen City and employment contract regulations of the company;

3. Provide routine annual physical examination, paid annual leave and welfare leave (including funeral leave, maternity leave, breastfeeding leave) to employees every year following related laws of Shenzhen City and regulations of the company;

4. The company provides dormitory for the immigrant employees;

5. The company provides welfare cash gifts to the employees. Related regulations concerning incentive policy, performance management of the company, promotion, reward and punishment, employee rules of conduct and moral rules, pushes forward and assists in development of employees’ career and the company, forms a good corporate culture environment of the company and a good system of social responsibility, and effectively standardizes morality and behaviors of the employees.

Policy of personal placement:

Based requirements for becoming a regular worker, job transferring, demission policy and development demand of the company, the company handles related formalities for the employees, and ensures to give full scope to the talents, appoint suitable person to the right job and ensures that all jobs are done by qualified people.