LCD light-curing 3D printing will move from consumer level to industrial level? ---PengJi Launched Super Size 13.6 inch 7K Mono screen!

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Content Abstract:The executive CEO of PengJi Company statement that “LCD light curing 3D printing is on the “Money Way”! The professional Mono Screen Light source of 3D printer will let the world well know CHIAN Manufacturing. Around the world to see, Most of the core technologies of SLA and DLP light sources are in the hands of foreign manufacturers; and LCD light sources, whether in terms of technology or the industry chain itself, China is the absolute core leader.Therefore,from 2019 to 2021 years, with the extremely high cost performance and continuous technological progress, consumer-grade light-curing 3D printer face a great development opportunities and the global annual shipments have soared to over 500,000 units.Another side, the sum of annual shipments based on SLA and DLP technologies just less than 200,000 units.
              The accuracy of LCD light curing 3D printing is getting higher and higher.

As the upstream core component of LCD light-curing 3D printing, LCD screen manufacturers have also taken a fancy to this fast-growing market and have made efforts.

The Antarctic Bear learned that On October 20, 2021, Shenzhen International Touch and Display and Shenzhen Electronic Components Exhibition, Pengji Company held the autumn new product conference, and launched a variety of large-size, high-precision 3D printed LCD Mono displays.

    The biggest highlight of this conference was the industrial-grade 13.6 inch 7K mono screen with an area of 298.08 * 165.60mm,accuracy of 40um, purple light transmittance up to 10%, contrast ratio of 500, and operating temperature of -20 to +80°C. It means that consumer LCD light-curing desktop-level 3D printers are moving towards industrial-grade professional applications and it will make a rapidly development of LCD light-curing professional applications, and open a new era of LCD light-curing technology into industrial-grade machines. In addition, it has also launched a series core products such as 9.25 inch 6K,the 6.08 inch 2K, 6.23 inch 4K, 8.9 inch 4K that has been mass-production and sold. Pengji has completed all-round strategic blueprint on the desktop-level LCD light curing 3D printing from small, medium to large sizes.



In 3D printing area, Pengji have more than 18 years professional service experience.Pengji has multiple technological invention patents and build a strong technological fortress.

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