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Specializing in the production and operation of liquid crystal display (LCD), liquid crystal display module (LCM) and backlight

Color screen

Resistance and capacitance touch can be customized to meet the needs of different users

Raspberry Pi Display

Solve the problem of software development for end customers

Serial Port LCD module

Solve the problem of software development for end customers

Support customization

Resistance capacitance touch, can be customized


Pengji Photoelectricity Co.,Ltd ( Pengji ) established in 2004 and always specializes in providing display solutions and efficient support services worldwide.

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Advanced production equipment, United and enterprising sales team, committed to providing customers with high-quality products

2.0 inch TFT

4.3 inch TFT LCD

2.36 inch TFT LCD

7inch TFT LCD

3.5inch TFT LCD

2.31inch TFT LCD

2.4 inch TFT LCD

5inch TFT LCD

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It is widely used in communication equipment industry, digital electronics industry, medical equipment industry, vehicle electronics industry, smart home industry, consumer electronics industry and other electronic equipment industries

Automotive LCD

Smart Home LCD

3D Printing

Medical & Beauty equipment LCD

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We are committed to developing into an enterprise with high quality and high requirements

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Shenzhen Pengji Photoelectricity Co., Ltd. has launched a variety of ultra-high pixel precision LCD light-curing monochrome displays.


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