Technological Breakthrough in LCD Light Curing

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发布于: 2021-06-11 17:18
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    Shenzhen Pengji Photoelectricity Co., Ltd. has launched a variety of ultra-high pixel precision LCD light-curing monochrome displays, which have successfully overcome the technical difficulties of dot matrix precision of 30*30 microns. Under 405 light, the transmittance reaches 7%, and the contrast ratio can be 400:1; the unique pixel graphic design is more conducive to the compensation of the R angle, which perfectly solves the edge jagged problem; the temperature reach to military-grade and the pixel precision has been far surpassing similar companies in Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States. The core parameters of the new monochrome display technology, such as accuracy, transmittance, contrast, printing speed, and stability, are comparable to DLP and SLA technologies, and have reached the world's leading level.


    Pengji developed large-size light-curing monochrome screen is completely suitable for industrial-grade 3D printers. It has high-performance parameters and can be applied to a variety of resins on the market. It has high printing accuracy, good forming effects, and excellent detail performance. The lifetime of the screen is 5000 hours, it solves the problem that display is a wearing part in 3D printing industry, and it helps the end customers to save costs. The new generation of monochrome LCD displays continue to use the MIPI interface, which greatly reduces the difficulty and cost of motherboard design compared with the traditional EDP interface. The drive interface design with this large size and high PPI can realize rapid data transmission, which is currently the first pioneer design. The design technology of ultra-high 405 light transmittance reduces the power consumption of the light source and at the same time solves the shortcomings of heat dissipation of the whole machine. The curing time is shortened, and the single-layer curing can be controlled within 1 second, which can realize the continuous printing of the machine and greatly increase the printing speed.

The company simultaneously launched a new type of high-transmittance 405 light polymer anti-scratch LCD protective film, it can effectively solve the printing problem because the display surface can be easily scrathed and resin residue. It can replace the tempered glass that is conventionally used in the industry, which is convenient for customers to use and replace, and it also reduce the cost to the end customers.


    Pengji is a national high-tech enterprise that has been focusing on the production and R&D of LCD, with 19 years of industry experience and technology accumulation. In the field of 3D printing light curing monochrome display, it has a number of core patented technologies to help the development of the LCD light curing 3D industry. Pengji has successively launched 5.8 inch 2K, 6.08 inch 2K, 6.08 inch 4K, 6.4 inch 4K, 8.9 inch 4K, 8.9 inch 6K, 9.5 inch 6K, 13.3 inch 4K, 13.3 inch 8K, 18.5 inch and other light-curing 3D printing monochrome displays, It satisfied the printing needs of consumer, industrial, medical and other fields, and injects new vitality into the development of the 3D printing industry. Pengji's new technology will also push the 3D printing industry into a new area.

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