2.36 inch 480*234 TFT LCD-PJ236002T

Item No.: PJ236002T
FPC can be customized


Pengji Photoelectricity Co.,Ltd ( Pengji ) established in 2004 and always specializes in providing display solutions and

efficient support services worldwide.

  Our product is from 0.96 inch to 23.8 inch. We have many automatic COG and FOG production lines and backlight

production line. It can reach 3KK capacity per month.

  We focus on TFT LCD over 20 years, such as FPC interface/structure,backlight structure/brightness and open frame

monitor structure, the assembly of assorted size CTP/RTP, and the design/manufacture of A/D board/Android system

solution board.

  Pengji continuously develops new products, aggressively raises the quality of products as well as services. With the

corporate philosophy of “you most reliable display partner”.Pengji is looking forward to being your reliable LCD solution

partner in China, sharing the growth and success together with customers from every industry worldwide.





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  • E-mail:sale01@szpjgd.com
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